Stability Solutions provides expandable and cross-platform monitoring and communications hub, software, and systems. Intelligent nodal features include secure oil and gas transfer, instrument communications and reports, and vessel stability monitoring. Rugged, Dependable, versatile, and suitable for all classes of vessels and structures, Stabilis integrates with most standard communications protocols and instrumentation. Solid and Secure Asset Management.
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Introducing the Stabilis

Stabilis is an expandable, standalone and tamper-proof black box sensor and remote communications platform. It is designed to monitor and communicate vessel stability, motion and location with support for additional external sensors and data sources. Built from the ground up with security, ease of use, and flexibility in mind.

Stabilis Monitoring System

It's external sensor data can be configured to integrate with onboard sensor workflows, including alerts and alarms. Local access and user settings can be restricted, disabled, or removed.

  • Data reports can be generated and sent offsite in both attended and unattended, automatic and manual modes. Asset status can be exclusively polled remotely.
  • Multiple asset topology monitoring. Aggregate data from multiple devices on a single central device via wifi mesh network.
  • Vessel stability, motion and location tracking and reporting. Real time vessel roll period, GM, and stability calculation and reporting. Alerts on any potentially dangerous stability conditions
  • Simple, secure wifi access to heads-updisplay and configuration options. Audible and visual alerts, sensor history
  • Data logging, audit trail. Remote polling of vessel location and status. Central data collection of asset status. Remote monitoring and notification of alerts and alarms.
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Complete Physical Asset Management Tools

Stability Solutions Inc - a team with vast experience and knowledge in Marine and Technology Environments, have developed a stability and computing system suitable for Mariners and Naval Architects